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I have over 20 years experience producing concerts, festivals and nightclub events. From concept development to talent acquisition to executing and producing your event. Consulting and project managing.

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Work with me in person. Available for keynotes, panel discussions and hands on workshops – teaching how the nightlife and music industry crushes digital and social media marketing.

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How do I build power brands and events in the entertainment industry? Consult with me on your music marketing, nightlife events, festivals, etc. Available via phone consults, ongoing SMS support, and ultimately project manage your event and music career marketing.

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Branding or Marketing, which is more important?

Answer, both. What is the difference between branding and marketing? Isn’t branding, logos, my website, my musician/DJ or event name, isn’t all of that branding? Let me answer this question here because I get it all the time, and it’s a great question because it can be confusing, right? Yes, logos and […]


Building a branding house without blueprints.

I want to talk about a very important piece of marketing, and that is the difference between tactics and strategy.  Knowing the tools to execute marketing versus the actual know how of planning and user behaviour that will motivate someone to ‘do something’. This is where a lot of people […]


This girl made $6million on YouTube without a record label deal.

The record labels passed on her back in 2007 and are now desperate to sign her. Meet Lindsay Sterling (aka Lindsay Stomp), she is a YouTube superstar and built a major fan base on her own. According to Forbes, in 2015, she was one of YouTubes highest earning stars. Her blend of […]

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