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Music + Event Marketing

I have over 20 years experience producing concerts, festivals and nightclub events. From concept development to talent acquisition to executing and producing your event. Consulting and project managing.

Speaker & Workshops

Work with me in person. Available for keynotes, panel discussions and hands on workshops – teaching you how to crush digital and social media marketing in the nightlife and music industry.

Music Marketing Strategies

How do I build power brands and events in the entertainment industry? Consult with me on your music marketing, nightlife events, festivals, etc. Available via phone consults, ongoing SMS support and ultimately project manage your live event or music career marketing.

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You’re wasting 10x more time and money on email marketing your music and events

4 reasons why email marketing for the music industry is failing us. Reason one, you give us a spam email. Get on my newsletter, give me your email. Download this for free, give me your email. Buy something from me, give me your email. You are bombarded with so many ads that you […]

Is the musician EPK dead? Now what?

I get a lot of DJs, musicians, bands, and producers constantly sending me links to their music asking me to help them with their branding and development. Here is the problem, I get TOO MANY. To make matters worse, you’re not rising above the noise and allowing yourself to stand […]

A successful music release without a label or 100k fans.

Most producers and artists think that you need to be signed to a label or start with 100,000 fans to see any traction with your music. No label equals no sales? The truth is, you DON’T need either to start making money. Let me share a few marketing techniques that I’ve […]

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