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20% Text Rule on Facebook, Use this Tool

For a while now Facebook has have a rule about the amount of text you can place in an image if using it for an ad.

Remember, all of the digital platforms have moved to a user experience model where they think about the end users experience more than your advertising. With that said placing your club flyer in a post and trying to boost it can be quickly disapproved.

While creating the right ad for your promotion is a whole other topic, here is a Facebook online tool that can guide you on the actual amount of text you have on an image.

While it may seem like you have minimal text on your image, you can quickly see how they are judging the percentages and how quickly you can go way over 20%. Look at this image,


Looks pretty minimal…

Then I check it with the Facebook tool, clicking on any box with text:


WOW it’s at 40%! Time to think outside of the box and be creative.

There are many out there that slip through the Facebook text police and have their full flyer approved in an ad, but think about it, would you really want to stop your social media fun to look at an ad? Be creative, create something more authentic and native, and trust me it will be way more effective.


Want to know more? How can I help you get creative!¬†Developing effective marketing campaigns and getting around the 20% text roadblock gives you an edge over all the others bars in the area. Let’s connect.¬†