Xbox ONE or PS4?

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OK so both have announced their new hardware (coming out this year). SO the big question is, which one is better? Is there a better console? Is it personal preference? Each of the them are not backward compatible (which means your old games cannot be played on the new console). […]

Television Host and Producer

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Louie La Vella has produced hundreds of hours of entertainment television. A background in production and on-air hosting he has worked with, developed and pitched several pilot shows. Liaison for those that have a television idea or music video submission consultation (closed captioning and broadcast standards to all major […]

Nightlife Marketing Consultant

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La Vella Nightlife Events is a nightclub and bar marketing consultant agency. Award winning promoter Louie La Vella, has been working in the nightlife and music event marketing industry for over 17 years. The next generation of nightlife marketing management, La Vella Nightlife stays on top of the ‘nightlife science’ […]