About Louie La Vella

Guess who gave Lady Gaga her first TV Interview?

I’m Louie La Vella, where the entertainment industry turns to for out-of-the-box bursting ideas. Turning dead venues into packed venues, slow ticket sales into sold out shows, independent musicians into major-label-ass-kicking brands. Taking those amazing stories, experience and knowledge to all business categories.

Here’s the deal. As a business owner you are smart, savvy and have fantastic success under your belt. You’re also super busy operating your baby. Stats say that due to the constant changes in social media behaviour, what works in marketing today doesn’t work tomorrow. Entrepreneurs of any niche just don’t have the time to keep up with changing trends. And that’s OK.

Persuading customers has become super hard for those that don’t keep up to date and study their behaviours. However it is easy for those of us that know exactly how to persuade them.

Get excited. After me, your brand will never be the same.
By the way, in case you didn’t guess, I gave Gaga that interview!

louie lavella podcast host

Speaker: Marketing + Branding
Winter Music Conference, Miami
Nightclub and Bar Expo, Las Vegas
Canadian DJ Show, Toronto
International Nightlife Congress, Las Vegas

louie lavella podcast host

Nightclub and Bar Marketing (Amazon, Kindle)
Music Marketing Secrets (Amazon, Kindle)

louie lavella podcast host

Global Promoter and Concert Producer
Produced over 40 live music events
Director of Marketing: 3 music festivals
Director of Marketing: 2 consumer festivals
Brand and Marketing Manager for celeb and music talent

Media: TV, Publications, Podcasts

I have offered my exciting stories and expertise to publications and podcasts all over the world. Available as a business marketing expert to contributors, podcast and video hosts.

It's been an honor to be a sought after marketing expert, guest hosting on over 60+ podcasts. Click HERE to listen to some of my favorite interviews, read my features in INC, Huffington Post, Business.com, and learn about booking me.

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Official Bio and Marketing Assets

The Official Bio

Louie La Vella’s clients are entertainment personalities, nightclubs, concerts and festivals, and he creates brand and marketing strategies to engage and connect with their audience.

Working within the ‘shark infested waters’ of the nightlife and music industry as a marketing and branding consultant, La Vella has been delivering high profit solutions to both live entertainment events, musicians and venues for years.

With 20+ years experience in the nightlife industry and extensive development and production experience with national television projects. Author, Speaker, Event Producer and Coach. La Vella has produced and marketed over 30 live music concerts in the past few years. Winner of the Niagara Music Awards Promoter of the Year (2012). Juno Awards (Canadian Music) dance category committee.

Has been called a Media-preneur: Combining a successful TV executive producer and host role with being a sought after marketing/branding consultant in the nightlife and music industry. In his television days he had the opportunity to interview the likes of Lady Gaga, Richard Branson, Backstreet Boys, and more.