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Advertise to Your Email List on Facebook

In my previous post, I talked about creating a Custom Audience on Facebook that will collect people that go to your website on a daily basis and put them into a bucket for you to advertise to.

Let’s create another custom audience but this time use you opted in email list to create the user base. These are people that have opted in to your newsletter, made a purchase, booked a reservation, etc. They want to hear from you and let’s advertise on Facebook using this list. They don’t have to be a fan of your page or a friend on Facebook.

What happens is that Facebook will upload your email list and search their database for users that have created an account using that same email. Most people use the same email for many things, so signing up to your list and using it to create their Facebook account has pretty good odds. From 1000 emails you can probably get 800-900 Facebook users on your new list.

Again, these are hot leads, current customers and a great group of people to advertise your posts to.



1. From the Ad Manager, click on Audiences


2. On the top right side, click on Create Audience


3. Select Custom Audience


4. The Create Audience box comes up, select Data File Custom Audience


5. The next box comes up asking you to fill in a name, description and the upload your list. From the drop down you want to choose what type of data file you are going to upload, select Emails. *make sure the emails are in a CSV excel file.


7. After a few minutes of searching users will be added to the list. You can now come back and Create an Ad using this custom audience.





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