Blame it on the Rain

Some days it seems like weather can definitely play a significant role in the success of your daily business.  We can make up an excuse for every style of weather Mother Nature throws at us and blame her for the downfalls of any given bar night.

Maybe it’s time to just clear that excuse from our minds and never ‘Blame It On The Rain’ again. (and I’m not talking about the obvious ‘we are having a hurricane so really need to be closed’ scenarios)

It’s raining out, no one wants to visit our patio bar. We’ll be dead.
It’s snowing out, people don’t want to drive downtown tonight. We’ll be dead.
It’s beautiful out, people want a patio and we are an inside nightclub. We’ll be dead.
It’s too hot out, the patio will be super hot and uncomfortable. We’ll be dead.
… and so on.

Look, those may be valid where to buy diclofenac sodium excuses and I probably have used them myself a few times in the past, however I want all of us to clean the slate right now and put those excuses to rest, for good. Start to think outside of the box to over come them and create a plan that works for each scenario. Why just lay down and let Mother Nature have her way with our business. We can’t control the weather but why let that be a real reason why our bar is slow. We can control our promotions and response to the weather.

If you eliminate the weather as a valid excuse your brain starts to think outside of the box on fixing and dominating the market even during the not-so-perfect days. Even if your attempt to create business comes a bit short you still tried to overcome the excuse, tried to get business to come out, and actually made more than zero dollars on that day. The most important thing to know here is that you are NOT training your customers to think a bad weather day means your bar may as well be closed.

We can name a few nightclubs and bars in our city that dominate and are full no matter what type of storm is coming their way. People don’t want to miss out; they will fight snow – rain – heat – or whatever to come and spend their money. They are trained to know the club is always good. So you know it’s possible. Be that club.

Make a plan that works for you. Come up with a rain plan, snow plan, hot day plan, etc. Implement those promotions when the weather turns on you and you will quickly find that people will fight Mother Nature to come.



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