Branding or Marketing, which is more important?

Answer, both.

What is the difference between branding and marketing? Isn’t branding, logos, my website, my musician/DJ or event name, isn’t all of that branding?

Let me answer this question here because I get it all the time, and it’s a great question because it can be confusing, right? Yes, logos and a website, and your colors, and your DJ name, and your event name, and your club name and all of those are part of branding. However they are smaller pieces of the bigger pitcure. The big picture of what a brand actually is, is how other people perceive you. What I mean by that is when you create your logo, and your name, and you’re putting your colors together, and your website, yes it all works together as a package for your branding, but you’re doing all of that because you want people to perceive you in a certain way. Do you want to be cool? Do you want to be edgy? Do you want your event to be high class? All of that comes down to branding and how customers and fans perceive you.

If you tarnish your brand it doesn’t necessarily happen because you changed your logo, or your DJ name, or your nightclub name or your business name, does it? I know a lot of people who don’t buy diclofenac online like certain styles of fast food. It doesn’t mean that those fast food restaurants change their name at all or stopped advertising or did something wrong. It just be because people don’t want to eat that style of food. They have a different perception of that brand now.

Or what about a company that says something wrong on social media or does something against one of their customers  and that event doesn’t sit well with others? They didn’t change any of their colors or website designs, however the actions that they took tarnished their brand.

A brand is how people perceive you. Take good care of your brand, it can be very hard to fix a tarnished brand. 

So what about marketing. Those are all of the tools that you use to promote said brand. That includes public relations, getting your articles into papers, blogging, podcasts, mix shows, radio, social media, advertising, promotions, etc. All of those tools are part of the marketing toolbox that help promote your brand.

Putting those two together expands your brand, expands your sales and gives you a lot more revenue.  There’s a big difference between branding and marketing. Now you know how to use both.

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