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You can’t build a (marketing) house without blueprints

I want to talk about a very important piece of your marketing, and that is the difference between tactics and strategy.  This is the difference between knowing the tools to execute marketing versus the actual user behaviour that will motivate someone to ‘do something’.

This is where a lot of businesses fail, especially in social media marketing.  The internet has enormous amounts of educational information. You can Google “How to use Snapchat in business” or “How to create effective Facebook ads”.  

You can gather a lot of info, watch videos, and learn all day long.

When you do this you’re learning tactics and that’s fantastic.  However there’s a very big difference between tactics and strategy.  Tactics are those informational tools and marketing items such as your brand, your voice, your social media accounts and website.  However what if you don’t have a strategy to connect these tools with your audience? No way to relay your message and motivate your fans to pay attention or take action? It’s like saying, “I have the hammer, the nails, and the wood, but I don’t have the blueprint to build the house.”  

This is where businesses spend time and money on social media advertising and get frustrating results.

You need to know your audience and fan base well. This is how you relate to them and advertise accordingly. Once you know their love language your strategy should be a well planned out story. Don’t just post once and boost. Every objective, whether it’s an album launch, bar event, Facebook live, etc, needs a few weeks of story to build up to. Strategize. 

It’s a long game.  Things don’t happen overnight so celebrate the small wins, each added follower, each engagement, each video view. Soon enough each little win will add up to one huge victory.

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