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Change your hard to remember Facebook URL to a short Vanity URL

There are countless amounts of Facebook pages being created daily. I am sure you already have one for your business. Many people may already know this, but I did find that a large percentage of page owners don’t know how to update their long URL with a shorter, easy to remember, vanity URL.

It’s easy, here are the steps.

(I just created a FB page for a client, so I will use theirs as a sample)
Here is a new Facebook page with the long URL that buy diclofenac potassium online Facebook gives us. You see it’s long, has a ton of numbers, not easy to remember, and does not look good on posters, flyers, business cards, etc.


Step ONE: click here or type in


From here you can see all of the pages that you admin.

Step TWO: Find your page and enter a shorter name. Check the availability.



If it is not available, try another name. If it is, great, save it!

Now you have a shorter, easy to remember, and branded Facebook URL.