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Create a Call To Action on your Facebook Page

Facebook has now rolled out a new Call To Action button right on your Facebook Page. With that, it will even track the call to action clicks on the right side (how many clicks you received from the last 7 days).











How to set it up. When you arrive on your page (as an admin) you will see the button and will ask you to “create-call-to-action”. Click on that.




Choose an action button and enter the website that you would like the user to go to.

On the next few pages it will allow you to specify mobile friendly pages (if you wish to send the user somewhere different when they click from their mobile phone, instead of a desktop style page). Keep the same URL or edit with a new one here.


That’s it!

Why is this useful? Anytime you can guide the user in the right direction along the sales process you have a better chance of closing the sale. In our business the sale could mean a dinner or bottle reservation, ticket sales, guest list booking, etc.

Make a clear choice where the user should end up. It doesn’t make sense to send them to your home page, that is too generic (and I would bet that all of that same information is right on your Facebook Page in front of them); if you are taking them off of FB – take them somewhere along your sales funnel and make it count!



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