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Creating Buyer Personas for Nightclub and Bar Marketing

You know your venue’s entertainment and weekly schedule off by heart.
You know your drink prices and specials.
You know the revenue you make on a weekly basis.

Do you know your customer?
Do you really intimately know what your customer thinks, how they buy, what they buy, where they hang out, what media outlets they pay attention to, how they ingest information?

Whether I am consulting a large scale 20,000 square foot nightclub or a small 75 capacity bar there is a need to create a ‘Buyer Persona’ so that we know who we are talking to.

If we know Johnny and Sally Buyer’s psychology we know how to get in front of them and know how to sell them their ideal product (or experience).

Think about it huge companies like Coke, Sony, Apple and Walmart have been using buyer personas for eons to make sure their products, services and messaging measures up to their customers expectations. By using focus groups, surveys and marketing experts they drum up fake personas that represent who their customers are.

Understanding the customer and their buying process lays the foundation for successful marketing and promotions.

How do you create a Buyer Persona? Just ask the right buy diclofenac 50mg tablets questions.

How old is my buyer?
What gender is the buyer?
Where do they work?
What kind of music do they like?
Where do they hang out after work or school?
What issues do they face (home, work, school)?
What kind of attention do they have when being entertained? (bar hop? stay at one place?)
How do they ingest information (internet, Facebook, radio, newspaper, etc)?
Do they like to interact with a bartender and drink at the bar or be seated with friends?

You will find that you can add so many more questions to the buyer persona, and please do!

Sometimes asking your staff or creating a survey will help you get in touch with the customer base. We don’t always stay in touch with the younger demographic like we think we do.

You will probably find that you have created a few different personas. Thus giving you groupings of customers that come to your place. That is perfect. You will now how to target each persona, get your message in front of them, and bring in those groups.



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