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DJS: Are you Getting Passed Over By Promoters? Want The Gig?

This one is for the DJs

How do you get your mix in front of promoters, owners, organizers? Get the GIG?

Dropping off a CD or emailing a link literally falls on deaf ears. It’s like applying for a job, you need to be sure you are the perfect fit and can add value.

[bctt tweet=”The greatest way to get booked as a DJ is to have a connection. Build a brand.”]

A connection can help tremendously. But what if you are coming in cold? No connection at all?

I think most promoters figure that DJs trying to get new gigs or to open for large shows are great DJs. We (as bookers) know that. I’d hate to waste a few minutes of my busy day listening to train wrecking! So it should be a given that if you are looking for a gig, you are ready for it.

So you’re a good DJ, check.

What about the DJ sound and style? Does your sound fit the event? Would you be a great opener or fit the weekly residency? Yes? Good, check. Keep going.

Ok, you are a great DJ, your sound fits perfectly, let’s show off.

1. Promoters are looking for talent that have a following, OR the ability to help expand the event reach. Sometimes promoters offer a contest to help figure out who a) fits best and b) has the support of the people (more ticket sales).
2. Getting right in their FB newsfeed with a targeted post shows them that you are able to promote.
3. Craft the perfect post text to grab their attention and boost that properly.

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A basic example would be to post a short mix (Soundcloud or whichever you like to use) and use text like this:

“Love going to your events, it’s time to be a part of them!
Now booking, DJ X in Amsterdam. Listen to even 5 mins below to find out why local supporters are some of the first to buy tickets”

You post that from your Facebook Page, advertise it to the proper city, proper age group and be sure to select interests such as DJ Mag, Las Vegas, Nightlife Magazine AND job titles such as Club Promoter, Concert Promoter, Bar Owner etc…

Test Test Test and be sure to reply to everyone that likes and comments on the post; start to nurture the business.

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