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Don’t let a typo burn your brand

Please be very diligent when signing up for your social media accounts!

One of my clients was an active user of Facebook and Twitter  for their marketing efforts and doing well. On our latest consultation call we discussed adding Instagram into the mix. Believe it or not Instagram had the highest growth of 2013of any social media platform. Over 23% growth in their user base compared to Twitter at 2% and even Facebook at -2%!

Your audience is going to Instagram faster and faster, so get on it. More on using that platform on another post.


Back to the post and the big lesson of the day. His Instagram account was already registered, just not using it. So he had the perfect name for it already on hold. The account name matched up with his Facebook and Twitter handles. Perfect easy marketing.

When he went to login he could not remember the password.
No big deal right? Just click on forgot password and reset it.

Minutes go by, no reset email.

Wait a few more minutes. Nothing.
He tries to reset the password again and go through the ‘send me my password’ button again. It recognized the username and again displayed buy diclofenac gel online uk ‘your reset link has been sent to j***@b******.com’. OK that looked right.

Oh uh. What if the email address had a typo in it.

What IF instead of typing in he accidentally typed in

After hours of searching online to find a fix for this error, calls to Instagram head office, and pulling some hair out. We had absolutely no way to recover his account. That tiny typo had lost his perfect Instagram account forever.

From Instagram: “Unfortunately, if you can’t access the email account you registered with, and you didn’t connect your Instagram account to Facebook, we are unable to release the account to you.”

Since he had never really used the account, there weren’t any followers to lose. However he did lose the similarly spelled social media handle that could make his marketing life easy.

Can you imagine losing your password to a very active account with thousands of followers? With no way to recover your password?

Please double check your details and always be diligent when registering accounts.


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