Entertainment Industry

Louie La Vella is a media-preneur. Owner of several successful entertainment businesses and brands, including:

La Vella Nightlife Events – Southern Ontario’s premier nightlife consultant and production agency. Conceptualizing, Developing, and Producing weekly events. ¬†Event Producer and Talent Booking for over 30 live music concerts in the last 30 months. Award winning ‘Promoter of the Year’ for 2012.

La Vella Radio Group – producer of the highly successful syndicated radio buy diclofenac suppository online shows: Dance Top Ten, Club Radio Urban, the Club Cast. With hundreds of radio affiliates world wide. TV Host and Producer for several national music television shows (electronic and top40 music genres)

La Vella Mobile / Nightlife App Empire – development of hundreds of successful iOS/iPhone and Android apps for sale on the marketplace; as well as small business mobile websites and apps.
http://www.lavellamobile.com | http://www.nightlifeappempire.com