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Facebook Launches Hyper Local Ads Targeted to People Close To Your Bar

This (fairly new) way to advertise your Facebook posts is probably one of the most effective marketing tools to nightclubs and bars to date.

Local Awareness Ads (on Facebook) allows you to advertise a post, event, website link, etc to those that are close to your location. While they are checking Facebook your sponsored post shows up in their newsfeed only because they are in proximity to your venue. Amazing.

Why is this super important? In your traditional Facebook advertising you are eliminating a huge audience of potential customers because you need to naturally select your local area as your target. SO when you enter Las Vegas NV, females aged 21-35 that love Belvedere Vodka and rock music… you have eliminated those people that don’t live in Las Vegas but live in Toronto and visiting. They will never see your ad.

Here is an example: you are a nightclub in a student market. You are able to target your audience and show perfect ads to these people by way of interests, geographic location and age. Marketing is great, except that there are so many students that do not live in your area (natively), they are from out of town and may never see your ads. There is a huge audience that constantly misses your marketing. Example two, your city gets a ton of tourist can i buy diclofenac sodium over the counter traffic. How are you going to target those people with your ads? They are wandering aimlessly around the city looking at Google finding out what is good. There is the key.. they have to do the searching. Are you going to trust your ranking on Google to tell them that you are one of the many bars around the city? OR are you going to have your carefully crafted Facebook post show up while they are checking in on their friends back home. Since they are within a few miles of your location using Local Awareness shows your ad to them.

How do you use Local Awareness? The creation of your Facebook Ad is exactly the same as any other except at the very beginning when you choose your objective. Facebook asks you what you would like to accomplish: send the user to a website, boost a post, promote and event, etc. One of those choices is Local Awareness. Within this area of advertising Facebook will ask you how far out (proximity) you would like your ads to show. So people who are near your area will see your sponsored post in their newsfeed.



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