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Facebook Put a Stop to Event Inviting. Here is a Free Way to Get the Word Out.

Since the beginning of March (2013) Facebook has started a roll out of Facebook Invite restrictions. 


Have you seen this error lately?  Yep, they are definitely up to something at Facebook and everyone is thinking it’s all about money. IE they want to be charging you to promote your event to your own following (a la their Promote Post feature, or just plain ol’ forcing you to advertise on FB in order to get the word out).

It was a small pain to invite everyone, you had to click on each person one by one (which prevented spam and also inviting everyone that isn’t even geographically able to go). Some people found a loop hole (javascript code in the URL bar) to invite all of their friends at once and this may have started the ‘spam’ crusade at Facebook and we are seeing heavy restrictions on the invites now. Maybe, maybe not. None the less, the restrictions are there and they are clamping down.

OK we get that FB wants to make money but most event organizers have built their ‘opted in’ following so that they can promote to them (not wanting to spend more money on Ads or Promoted Posts in order to reach their own people).

How do we continue to push our events? 

I have recommended a few clients of mine to use their promotion team, staff, and even their FB fans to help out via the ‘Share’ feature. They have seen great success. This isn’t anything new or secret, but more page admins may be missing the obvious.

1. Create your event. You will see a post automatically created. You can invite all your friends or promote the post.
Inviting your friends is no longer working and promoting costs you money.

event   advertisepost


Let’s SHARE the event now. This will show up in news feeds and will generate some free exposure. I recommend promoters, staff, friends, and even those coming to the event to help spread the word (in Twitter terms, the old RT – Re-Tweet!)

2. Click on the event and Copy-Paste the URL at the top.


3. Post the URL on your FB Page. (it makes a second post about the event, you can clean up your page by ‘hiding’ the original so there aren’t two similar posts in a row and look weird). 

You will see a ‘Share’ link on the post. Share away to spread the word to your personal friends!




You will also find the ‘Share’ link on a users Event area (if they are ‘Going’ or ‘Maybe Going’ it shows up for them). Clicking on that link will share to their own personal or page feeds.




This is a zero cost way to share your event but maybe more importantly it is a way to recommend the event to friends by friends. Recruit some ‘ambassadors’ to help push your events and give them the VIP treatment for helping out. Over 60% of people make purchase or event decisions based on what others/their friends are doing. This hits the nail on the head.

As things change at Facebook I will keep things updated here and spread the word.