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Facebook Size Cheat Sheet

Why oh why does Facebook make their image sizes so odd? What’s with the 403 pixel size instead of just rounding the square image to plain ‘ol 400 pixels x 400 pixels. Well, to make life easier here is a quick cheat sheet that you can refer to when creating the perfect sized image. This will ensure that the pic won’t be cut off, and look its sharpest.



The Cover Photo.
This is the main image that shows across the top of your profile or page. The perfect size is 815 x 315 pixels. 

Profile Picture.
The square image that shows at the left side of your page and also the image that shows up beside your posts (in the news feed). The proper size is 160 x 160 pixels.

Your Apps Images.
You can have several apps (or Tabs as they used to call them) along the bottom of your cover photo. Things like Map, Likes, Photos, etc are built in, but if you want to get creative and add your own you may want to also add your own image in there (not the stock, plain image that comes with each app). Make sure you build the image to fit 111 x 64 pixels to look where to buy diclofenac gel proper. (ps I will cover Apps/Tabs in another post, how-to etc.)



Your main newsfeed images are optimized at 403 x 403 pixels. Anything bigger or smaller and Facebook automatically resized them, which could lead to blurry images in the feed or even worse, text or photos that are cut off in the resize and just don’t look right in the newsfeed. 

Unlike Twitter, your status/post updates can be up to 63,206 characters (way over 140 huh!). Just be away that only about 160 words show up in the newsfeed, so if you are writing a paragraph or longer, make sure your ‘catch’ words are at the top so that the reader is enticed to click and read further.



Highlighted Posts or Milestones.
These images are ideal at 843 x 403 pixels. Perfect when trying to highlight a post or entering a milestone for yourself or company (i.e. hit 1000 likes today, or founded on this date, etc..)

Click here to download the full cheat sheet as one file and use it often to keep your images sized properly.


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