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Finding the perfect Snapchat and Instagram Influencers

Let’s take a moment to talk a little bit about influencers, specifically those on Snapchat and Instagram.  Businesses, brands, and advertisers have been using influencers, probably since the beginning of time.  You’ve been seeing celebrities in television and print ads your whole life.  Not only does this cause people to associate a brand with a particular person, it also provides major social proof.  When you see a celebrity drinking a certain kind of beer or soda, it can make you want to as well.

I’m not really suggesting that you should go out and hire a celebrity, although you can do that.  Now, you can do that if you want to.  After all, there are companies bubbling up that will help you to hire big celebrities and utilize their Twitter accounts.  This can be expensive.  Some celebrities will charge $1,000 or $30,000 for just one tweet.  You do have that option.  I wouldn’t recommend that a nightclub owner pay for something like this.  That just wouldn’t make much sense, unless you’re going to hire them to come in, but then I would still just roll it into their contract.

There are often social influencers in your area that you can utilize.  You may remember, back when you were in school, getting the most popular kid to bring their friends to your party or something like that.  This works pretty much the same way.  You can hire influencers on social media to help build up your business and your brand.  These don’t have to be huge celebrities.  Basically, you just need to locate people who have a large following that fit into your demographic.

A person doesn’t have to have 30,000 followers or 100,000 followers to be considered an influencer.  What’s truly important is if they have constant engagement on a social media platform or website.  They may only have 1,000 followers on Instagram, for example, but all that really matter is if they are actively engaging the same kind of crowd that you are trying to get to visit your business, whether that is a nightclub, bar, restaurant, etc.

One of the best ways to find an influencer that may be right for your business is to search locally on the social media platforms that you use.  Look to see who has a good following in your area and who holds some sway over their audience.  Watch the posts that come in from your local area and see if there’s anyone that catches your eye, in particular.  You may even know a few people that you would like to contact and begin working with, or maybe there are a few regulars that come into your business a lot who you know could bring more of the right kind of people into your bar or nightclub.

Maybe you know someone who is booking bottle service constantly and they always 10 or 15 people standing around them to shake their hands.  If you know someone like this, you may want to bring them aboard, as an influencer or a digital promoter.  There’s nothing wrong with utilizing people who are like this.  If you pay them, you might pay them with your product or in cold, hard cash.  It all really depends on what they want.  No matter what the case, you’ll need to negotiate some kind of deal with the influencer you wish to work with.

Now, hopefully you can pick someone that really gets the idea behind your brand.  If not, help them to understand what you’re going for and work out a deal with them to help bring more customers in.  You might say to them, “I’m going to give you X amount of cash a week, plus buy diclofenac hydroxyethyl pyrrolidine this much of my product.  All I need you to do is make so many posts on behalf of my business each week, take photos while you’re here, and let people know when you’re coming in.”

You’re going to utilize them as a social media promoter, not as a hard sale.  You’ll want them to keep things very organic and native to what they already have going on.  That means you’re not going to give them flyers and tell them exactly what to post.  You want them to your demographic using their own language and their own style because that’s what is already appealing to your audience.  So, just let them know that you want them onboard for whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish and have them promote for you.

Let them engage with their audience however they normally do, and that influence is going to help build up your brand.  Before you know it, all of the other popular and influential people in your area will start talking about your brand or event.  This can help you out a lot.  This isn’t a flyer that you are sending out or an ad you are using to promote your business.  It’s just a regular person that has some social influence and some followers, and it can be as simple as someone that is in touch with your demographic saying, “Hey guys, where are you going tonight?  Why don’t you come with me over to this bar?”  They are going to do this in their own language, posting photos and making comments like they usually do, without much, if any, influence from you on what to say.

Let them just run with it.  It’s extremely important that you “get” this concept.  If the things your influencer is doing sounds canned or corporate, people are going to catch on to this very quickly.  Promoter deals can work well too, but that’s completely different than an influencer simply speaking on their own behalf.  Just think about when a friend tells you, “Look, I recommend going to that burger place because they have the best burgers there.  You’ll probably trust what they have to say because they are your friend.  On the other hand, if the guy is wearing the uniform from that place and he works there, you may take what he says with a grain of salt, especially if there were any indications that they were going to make a profit off of this in some way.

Even though you may be paying them and you may have given them some pointers on what to say, you still want your influencer to be able to relay the message you are trying to get across as if it’s coming from their own head.  Also, you’ll want to be very careful about how you bring them in and how you let them go.  It’s vital that you keep you don’t make any deals that you’ll regret later on.  If you have any more questions about any of this, please feel free to send me an email or a tweet.

You may also want to consider jumping into my private Facebook group.  It is made up of owners, and promoters, and marketing experts.  We all get together and discuss really great ideas in that group, and if you reach out to me, I’ll likely tell you how you can join.  For now, I hope that you’re learning a lot from my blog and podcasts.  I thank you for your interest, and I have more coming your way soon.

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