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Getting better FB organic reach by expiring old posts

If you haven’t heard about Facebook’s expired posts, it’s actually a very cool tool.  You won’t use it every day, but when you need it, it’s super useful.  What is a Facebook expired post?  To answer that question, you need to understand Facebook’s scheduled posts.

To use Facebook’s expired posts, instead of hitting the blue “Publish” button, which sets a post to go live right away, you can click that little tiny arrow on that button to bring up the option to schedule your post.  If you click to schedule a post, you will also see an area below that allows you to designate when you want the post to be removed from the newsfeed.

This feature can be utilized in many different ways, and it can definitely be very helpful.  Here’s an example I have from personal experience.  On Friday, a friend of mine made a Facebook post at about 7:00 in the evening.  He is a bar owner, and he was looking for a bartender.  So, his post said, “I require a bartender for tonight.  This is for anyone out there who has their Smart Serve licensing.  Just message us and you’re in.  I really appreciate it.”

The post went out, but I didn’t see it come through my feed until Sunday.  Now, my Newsfeed is pretty busy, I have a lot of pages that I like, 5000 followers, 4500 friends, and so on, so I miss a lot of real time posts. With Facebook’s algorithm posts live on, and on, and on.  Since I interact with his page, I didn’t catch it at the right time, but I did catch it a couple of days later.  That’s fantastic when you’re talking about, “Look how packed my Friday night is,” and that lives on for a week in people’s Newsfeed.  It’s not so cool when it’s a timely post and people don’t see it until Sunday.

That being said, there probably were people who saw that post that Friday night, they probably messaged him, and it’s likely that he was able to fill that position in time.  The issue is that I saw it on Sunday.  You see, this fills up the Newsfeed with the wrong posts.  In other words, that post was in the Newsfeed instead of the one that he put out letting people know about his packed night.  That post ended up affecting his organic reach.  This is the sort of scenario where you would want to be able to have a post expire.

Of course, you can delete a post manually, but the problem with that is it’s easy to forget. You might send out a post by 7 pm, saying that you need a bartender, but by 10 pm that night, things are busy and you end up forgetting. I mean, it’s not like it hindered his brand that the post lived on through Sunday and Monday.  It’s just that those kinds of things clog up the Newsfeed.

You know, you only have so much organic reach.  When you have timely posts that don’t make sense anymore, they should be gone or else they unnecessarily interrupt.  So, I believe that people should let certain posts expire, and I’d like to share how to do it.  Before I do, however, I would like to go over some of the pros and cons of using expired posts.

The only real problem with this feature is that some people have trouble knowing when to use it.  The important thing to remember is to take a moment to think about what you’re posting and ask yourself if you really want it to live on forever.  Think about whether the post you are creating is one that will continue to bring your business attention and traffic if it continues to show up for days or weeks to come.

Most of the time, it’s pretty easy to decide whether a post should or shouldn’t be allowed to continue on. For instance, you might put out a post for St. Patrick’s Day, and there’s nothing wrong with letting that post live on because it shows that your bar or nightclub has held a fun event. It lets people know that they can expect great events from you.  You don’t want to clean up your entire Newsfeed.  After all, if someone goes to your page and there’s nothing there, they might assume that you have no events going on.

It isn’t hard, at all, to set a post to expire.  After creating a post, you click to schedule it instead of just hitting the “Publish” button.  The pop-up will appear that allows you to schedule your posts, but you can also set a post to expire in this window too.  Now, the post goes out of the Newsfeed once it expires.

A great tool that many don’t know about, and most never use. It’s always to have a feature like this in our toolbox and keep that organic reach as high as possible.

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