Hire a Club Promoter or BE the Nightclub Promoter (Part 2)

In Part One of this two part post we chatted about hiring nightclub or bar promoters to work the marketing of your venue.

Here in Part Two let’s go over the pros and cons of doing the promotions internally (yourself). This can definitely save you dollars by keeping your cover charge as a revenue stream and not giving it up to a promoter. You also have full control over the decision process and marketing efforts (with a promoter you should be listening to their development since they are going after a target audience and needs the decisions to fit). You also create your own following so there is no worry about a promoter quitting and taking the crowd with them.

BE the Club or Bar Promoter:
Having all of your marketing efforts done internally can be a great way to be sure your brand stays intact and you keep more revenue in your pocket. Since this is a very substantial undertaking you need to be sure you have the time or staff support to execute the promotions properly and also know the industry and marketing game well. The last thing you want to do is throw together some garbage flyer designs, hire a DJ that plays outdated music, and flyer cars as your only means of marketing. You will quickly see your business go down the drain. How can you pull it off? Why not have a marketing consultant at arms length guiding you through the process? You have a promoter expert at your side helping you develop and training your staff on promotions while you pay a fraction of the cost. 

A few points:
– You need to take on the responsibility of the promotions. This takes man-hours and constant research on the changes in trends and marketing, so make sure you have the time to do it or support from your staff.
– Know your industry. Successful business executives hire their weaknesses. Even if you don’t hire a promoter outright it is always beneficial to have one as a consultant to the venue and keep fresh ideas flowing.
– With that said you only spend on consulting and not give up your weekly cover charge.
– The nightlife consultant works at arms length. Assists, coaches, brainstorms ideas, develops plans. Does not make decisions or creates the following for you. You have control. They also hold amazing contacts for deals on advertising or artist negotiations. Use them where you need to.

Why keep it internal?
1. You know your brand and market well.
2. Save money on promoter expenses (cover charge and/or bar sales percentages stay with you).
3. You have a great staff and management team that will help execute and support the marketing.
4. What you are doing is working and with some continual tweaks to stay fresh you will continue to be on top of the market.
5. You bring on a promoter in a consultant role that will bring fresh ideas and coach in all aspects of marketing for a fraction of the cost of hiring an outside promoter.


There you have it!
Whether you decide to hire the best promoter in the city and have them fill your place or keep all of the marketing internal (and consult with someone on best practices) make sure to stay fresh and relevant. Don’t be afraid of thinking outside of the box and using a nice blend of all available resources (internal staff, outsourced promotions, local radio and print, etc).

The nightclub and bar industry constantly changes and so do the ways to market your venue (social media, print, radio etc.. their effectiveness is always changing).


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