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How to Hashtag on Twitter – and now Facebook


Hashtags were created in 2007 by  Twitter. The hashtag (or # symbol) is a great way to clump posts into topics.

Great for searching as well. For example if you went on to Twitter and searched #NiagaraFalls #Nightlife – you will find related posts, images, tweet, etc. from people who has inserted those hashtags into their posts. Some posts will be from regular people just posting their fun, and other updates will be from companies that are looking to let you know what they have going on. A great way to connect and see what’s going on in that topic.

Also a great marketing tool. You can #makeupanythingyouwant as a hashtag. Just remember that a hashtag like that one is probably not going to get many (if any) searches. Who is going to be looking for that line. Use common tags to connect with fans and make up your own when you are going to promote a specific marketing initiative (i.e.: Post your #Nightlife images using the tag #RehabSaturday to win!). Then you are creating your own hashtag, promoting a contest, and can easily search for your entries.  See where we are going with this?

It is being used on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and other services, and just this week rolling out on Facebook.

For the Souther Ontario market (my primary local clientele), here are some of the most relevant hashtags that you want to use when posting on your social media platforms. Pop in the topic (#nightlife, #music, #fridays, or whatever) and don’t forget to tag in your city! Here are the hashtags that are most used for each city:

#BurlingtonON or #BurlON
Hamilton > #HamONT
London > #londonON


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