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Is Your Nightclub or Bar Ready For Instagram Ads?

Is your BAR going to get into Instagram Ads?
As Instagram starts to open up to new advertisers… TAKE NOTE.

There are very different and very strict rules on how Instagram wants their user experience to feel. The rules and regulations are game changers and really going to force us to think outside of the box. The Director of Market Operations gave a few examples of things that are going to get a disapproved ad:

. Clients are not allowed to repurpose images they previously used elsewhere, in other ads for instance.
. No heavy use of image filters.
. No text is allowed on ad imagery in Instagram.
. No gimmicks or ‘scammy’ talk.
. Clients cannot put their logos on the ads (although if a product logo appears in a photo as a natural, non-obvious part of a scene, that is allowed).
. Images must be “true to your brand” — and not be cheesy or shocking.
. Ads should take their cues from existing creative community hashtags that are popular on Instagram.
. Ads should capture “moments,” not products. Ads must not simply be a product shot, in other words.
. Users will not see the same creative twice inside Instagram.
. NO product shots. (too boring for IG).

This is the era where your marketing and branding MUST be thought out and on point. You can’t just post a party pic and say ‘Come out this Friday for Ladies Night’ – it’s too bland, not engaging enough, going to get disapproved anyways and if it slips through, not going to give you ROI.

To be honest, ads that don’t look like ads at all are going to be successful.

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