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Is Your Social Media All Commercials?

Is your social media all commercials?
I come from a television background. Developing and producing content had a main purpose, entertain the viewer so they tune in each week and ultimately viewership reach brings in the advertisers. The key is content. Why do businesses use their social media platforms to advertise only?
Think about it. When you tune in to your favorite show you watch 22 mins of content 8 mins of ads not the other way around. What about a magazine. How successful do you think a mag would be with 90% ads and a few articles. They wouldn’t be popular at all. 
You need to treat your social media pages much the same way. People do not want to ‘like’ your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter just to be bombarded can you buy diclofenac in france with constant advertising from you (promotional posts). It’s not engaging, it’s boring, and has very little effectiveness. 
Here is a quick summary for online sales: people who are looking to be sold ask the question on Google (so Google Adwords is a perfect hard sell tool); people who want to be entertained or emotionally engaged go to social media (that’s why you see pics of their lunch, favourite quotes, tags of friends at the bar etc). So create engaging and emotionally capturing content (take pics of customers at your venue and post them each week, or post behind the kitchen content of your chef creating that signature dish, etc.)
Be interesting and entertaining to your fans. Be a tv show. Be a magazine. Be a newspaper. Don’t be just the commercials.