Louie La Vella – Podcast Radio and TV Guest Expert and Host

What do you learn from the music industry as a marketing and brand expert?

Louie was a former music TV host interviewing hundreds of a-list celebrities and now turned entertainment branding expert, with clients such as concerts, large music festivals, nightlife venues, and up and coming talent. Louie has been crafting and building their social marketing and branding for years. It really is unbelievable to see large scale ticketed events bring in tens of thousands of people and music talent grow their following to the hundreds of thousands - all due to Louie's extensive knowledge and strategies using social media content marketing and advanced tools.

La Vella builds these brands like a boss.... read more about Louie (bio).

Podcast audiences and readers love his insider no-bull stories of music marketing and how it translates to all niche markets and his rise through the shark infested waters of the entertainment industry; starting at the young age of 17 and growing into a world renowned entertainment expert. Listen to a few of the over 50 podcasts recorded from this year alone!

louie lavella podcast host
louie lavella podcast host

Louie's Music Marketing Podcast