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Generate a Plan that Generates BIG Results

Create a sustainable marketing system that attracts new customers to your venue. 
A Step by Step action plan to increase customer traffic and revenue.
Dominate your Competition.

“Nightlife Venues (bars, clubs, concert venues, restaurants) have utlilzed the training, concepts, and branding knowledge of La Vella for almost 20 years. With millions of dollars in revenue growth, consulting with Louie will give your venue the system to dominate the competition.” 


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Have access to one of North America’s hottest and trend setting nightlife marketers. La Vella will research and develop a 6 month action plan built specifically for your venue and market. During these months he will work along side your ownership and management to execute the plan. Will be available for personalized consultation with yourself, staff and venue. All clients can have marketing consultations via email, phone and Skype. There are no mandatory travel expenses.

The types of projects that La Vella is available for:
– Development of weekly event series
– Digital Marketing Strategy and Management (social media etc)
– Concert Negotiation, Production, Promotion
– Weekly One on On Discussions for Marketing and Promotions
– Design and Branding Tips for Success 
– Coaching and Staff Training on VIP Host and Nightclub Social Media Best Practices

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Here you can pick La Vella’s brain, full of nightlife marketing secrets and experience. A phone or Skype call as quick as 30 minutes can answer some of the most pressing questions. If you want a game plan checkup a more in depth 60 minute (or two 60 minute consults) can answer questions that bring you thousands of dollars in profits.

You can choose from the following One on One Sessions
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Learn from the best. Nightlife expert Louie La Vella has developed several buy diclofenac 75mg books, guides, and tools to help you gain the experience needed to succeed in the nightclub and bar business. Read, research, and follow along to gather the insider tips and secrets to nightlife marketing success and execute your own plan. If you need any added assistance feel free to book a One on One Session to get that extra guidance. 

Loaded with strategies, techniques, tools and action steps specifically designed for the club and bar industry. 

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See which business consulting works best for you. Do you want to read up on the business and learn a bit first? Great, make sure to download my books and toolkit and start creating your action plan.

Want to start by picking La Vella’s brain and going over your current marketing plan and venue’s success and hardships? Let’s have a One on One Session and see where Louie can help you out.

Have La Vella Marketing take your venue to the next level and develop and execute a profitable promotions plan. Get on your way to creating an extremely profitable business and make tens of thousands of dollars.


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Identify Your Ideal Target Audience.
Confidently Create Events that Generate Revenue.

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Why Louie?

Award winning promoter of the year (2012+13)
Over 18 years of nightlife and music business experience.
Established author in the nightlife marketing genre.
Produced hundreds of live music concerts.
Developed and promoted thousands of weekly events for nightclubs and bars.
Marketing and Branding consultation that has developed sales and revenue growth for hundreds of venues (in the millions $).

Ready? How can Louie help your venue dominate your market.