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Bar Management on the Go – Extend That Phone Battery Life

Most of us are on the go all day long, into all hours of the night and work off of our smartphones quite a bit. Once you find your favourite toy of choice: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc – you have a plethora of amazing tools in the palm of your hand.

Most complaints come in the form of battery life. While many will say their phone lasts all day long there are also just as many people on that phone all day and night and cannot squeeze enough juice out of it.

Here are 5 great tips to get more battery power for iPhone users (that’s what I’m using currently, so can test it – tips for smartphone brands to come!)

1. Turn On Auto Brightness:
The iPhone has a light sensor and can adjust the screen brightness according to your conditions. Keeping the phone set at a high brightness can kill your battery quicker, making it auto adjust allows the screen to lower when appropriate and thus saving you some much needed juice.

GO TO >> Settings >> Display & Brightness >> turn on Auto Brightness


2. Lock the Screen Brightness to a Lower Setting
In this scenario instead of allowing the phone to adjust as you move around to different conditions, find a suitable brightness and lock it in. The lower the screen brightness the better the performance of you battery will be.

GO TO >> Settings >> Display & Brightness >> turn off Auto Brightness and adjust the level


3. Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can i buy diclofenac Signal When Not Needed
When you are on the go and using your cellular data (3G or LTE) you don’t need the phone to be seeking out wifi or bluetooth connections. This keeps sucking up battery life especially when you know you are not using it. Turn it off and on manually to save huge battery life.

GO TO >> Swipe up to show the Control Centre >> click on the wifi and bluetooth icons to toggle off


4. Stop Screen Motion and Animations
A really cool looking feature on the iPhone is the background motion and animations. It makes the screen look 3D! It also isn’t a needed feature and can suck up battery life for no reason.

GO TO >> Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Reduce Motion (off)


5. Don’t Automatically Update Apps
There isn’t an immediate need to update that Angry Birds game while you are working. The default setting to updates is to do it in the background at any time of day. This also takes up data usage and yes, battery life. You may as well update manually at night when the phone is charging and you are on your home wifi.

GO TO >> Settings >> iTunes and App Store >> in Automatic Downloads, slide Updates to off



Keep that battery going and enjoy the freedom of working on the go!


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