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People care about your music. Your job is to care back.

Everybody wants to be heard, and everybody wants to know that you care.  So, do you care?  Here’s the big thing about social media marketing, especially when it comes down to the Millennials, and Generation Z, and so on.  This is your demographic in music marketing and nightlife event marketing.  They want to know that you care. 

It’s a “squeaky wheel gets the grease type of idea”.  The members of this group are going to want to be squeaky, especially in social media.  It may not all be negative; it can also be positive.  They are going to ask questions all over the place.  I have a festival that just came up, and we have several social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, the website, and emails.  There are questions and comments all over those platforms.  That’s not just in the messaging system, but it’s also tweets and actual comments under posts.

They all want to know that they have a connection to the brand.  They are so excited when you like one of their comments or you reply to a comment.  Again, it could be a positive comment that they are giving you.  If you’ll respond in your voice and your brand, it will do you a lot of good because they want to know that you care about them.  It is so easy to let people know that you care about them on social media.  The only thing it takes is time; that’s it!

Look at it this way, now that you have social media on your side, it doesn’t take a lot of money or effort to show your customers that you care about them.  You don’t have to give away anything or run extensive campaigns.  You simply like their posts and comment.  Whether what you say is positive or negative doesn’t really matter.  What’s important is that you respond in an appropriate way for your business.  That shows them that you care about them. 

Trust me, this builds super fans.  There’s no better way to build super fans than to reach out and show that you care.  When you respond to their questions and comments on Facebook Messenger, or in Instagram Messenger, if you show that you care, you will win the game of music and nightlife marketing.  It could take one week, or one month, or even a year for you to benefit from this, but you will create raving fans of your business, and they will back you like family no matter what.  That’s what you need, and this is what we all crave when we have our down times, and it’s not just going to be a small group of friends, but an entire social media world.

The only way to build an audience of these devoted super-fans is to show that you care. Show some commitment to them, and they will eventually counter that by showing some camaraderie to you too.  This is the kind of relationship that you are trying to build with your customers anyway, and it has never been easier to build this type of trust and rapport than it is now with the social media world at your fingertips.

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