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Periscope vs – AKA Live Streaming and Why You Need To Keep An Eye

Periscope vs Blab…
Haven’t heard of them? They are LIVE STREAMING apps. Growing very very quickly and actually getting very big. The ‘next thing’ in social media… live buy diclofenac sodium 50mg tablets streaming.

I’ll have a full article on the two and how we can really use them for nightclub and bar marketing.

However for now, the quick comparison:
Periscope – YOU are live streaming and people tune in and watch. Great for one way live broadcasts like streaming a set, or one way conversation to the audience, or a sneak peak into what you are up to, etc. Think watching a tv show…

Blab – YOU live stream and can add 3 more guests, people tune in to watch but your guests are also on screen. Great for interviews or discussions between experts. Think watching a multi broadcast stream that all ‘guests’ contribute.

(see featured picture with screen shot examples of and Periscope)

.. those of you in my elite member area, fire off an email when you’re ready to jump into live streaming. I’ll walk you through the setup and also brainstorm a few powerful creative ideas on what will work. Need my HELP Promoting?