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Secrets of Facebook Advertising for Nightclubs and Bars

OK we are all well aware that social media can be extremely effective in promoting your venue or events. With a large following and fantastic social media buzz you can take advantage of virtually free digital word of mouth advertising.

However with all of the available platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, etc) and the thousands of followers and page likes each individual has at any one time, how are you able to rise above the digital noise and be seen. Free advertising does not work when the posts are never seen by all of your potential audience.

This is where a company like Facebook likes you to be. They want you to see the potential of social media but see the limitation of your free promotions. So they want you to advertise. Ha! They have us.

Yes they do however there are tips you can follow in order to really buy diclofenac uk focus your target audience when advertising with Facebook which will target your ads to be shown only to the exact audience demographic you want to show them to. Why is this important? First you don’t waste money showing ads to people that have zero interest in your venue (or even worse don’t even live close to you) and second when you really target your ads you have laser targeted promotion and your events can be a big success.

I have written a simple 20 page guide on Facebook Advertising for Nightclubs and Bars. It is selling on Amazon Kindle for 2.99 but I now include the information (in PDF format as well as a Video Tutorial) for free in the Nightlife Marketing Toolkit.


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