Social Media Consulting

What if I can successfully engage your customers every day, every week, every event.
Could you handle the extra customers, business, and revenue that would create?

Marketing properly on social media consumes a lot of man hours in order to properly keep track, grow and engage your customer base. Not done properly and your messages don’t even get seen by your own followers. It becomes ineffective.

You need to really know the industry to properly connect with current and new customers on social media. And secondly, your expert really needs to understand the algorithms that Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Instagram, and others use to show your posts to more people. La Vella Entertainment (headed by award winning Promoter/Consultant Louie La Vella) is constantly on top of the science of business development as well as the ever changing social media algorithms such as Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm.

Let’s be honest, with all of the constant events, posts, pictures, etc. there is a lot of ‘noise’ in the social media landscape. Over 1 Billion pieces of content are shared each day, and that is just on Facebook. Your message needs to navigate those waters and be visible to more people.

It can feel like a full time job keeping up with posts, stats, engagement, and social media integration to keep your brand on ‘top of mind’. Once you slow down, pass the role over to non-specialized marketing employees, your brand can quickly disappear into the social media ocean, and so may revenue.

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