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Take Reservation CALLS Right From Your Facebook Ad


We know that Facebook Ads are one of the most effective tools in our advertising and marketing arsenal. One of the best new features they rolled out (in the past few months) has been the Hyper Local Ads. What this did is allowed us to show newsfeed advertising to people actually in our target radius. So essentially you pop in a zip code, set the radius in miles, and anyone standing within that radius would see your ads. Perfect for people close by looking for something to do, or tourists (that can’t be targeted by the local city – since they don’t live there), or students (same as a tourist) etc. You get the picture.

Previously, when creating a Hyper Local Ad, your call to action buttons were limited to ‘Get Directions’, which brought up a map to your place, or Like Page, which is self explanatory.

NEW: Just this past week Facebook has added the new call to action “Call Now” to the list. What a perfect way to get instant reservations, VIP bookings, guest list inquiries and more. Previously putting your phone number in the text wouldn’t work well – since the user had no way to click on that link and bring up the dialer. They would have to remember the number, go out of Facebook, open the dialer and make sure they enter the right number to call. Not effective. This completely fixes that issue and now allows you to get calls with one easy click.




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