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The 21st Century Way to Create a Huge List of Customers to Promote To

An old school but great way to create a marketing list of customers is to build an email list.

Traditionally to build an email list you may hire a street team with iPads to collect emails on busy nights, leave a comment card on the table and ask for their permission to email offers, use your bottle service or guest list reservations as a way to gain their information, or come up with any other way to grab that contact info.

These are all great ways. They work well. They do build up an email list of customers that you can re-target when offers or events come up. Perfect. Keep it up. Ever heard the saying “the money is in the list?”

But now let’s move to the 21st Century of marketing.

I mentioned the phrase re-target. Meaning someone has shown interest in your club (by being a customer) and you want to target them at another date to promote a special or event.

Well I have a great way to re-target interested audiences… using Facebook. Properly called, Facebook Re-Targeting.

Here is how it works. It’s a bit advanced so bare with me here as I explain (and will show you step by step below). You create what’s called a Custom Audience in Facebook’s advertising area, you add a small piece of HTML code to your website. This tracks every Facebook user that comes to your site and adds them to your custom audience. You don’t need to be friends with them, and they don’t need to Facebook fans of your page. Just regular people that visited your website at some point. The more traffic you get to your website the more users you will have in your custom audience bucket.

They are already red hot interested customers. Whether they have come to your site to look at your menu, find your directions, book a reservation, get on guest list, book a bottle, see what events you have, etc, they are now tracked and put in your Facebook Custom Audience.

What are you going to do with that audience? Laser target your Facebook ads to them!

If you read my other posts on Facebook advertising and see how to use custom audiences to target your ads, this audience right here is absolutely perfect. Statistics for our industry show that an open rate of emails is around 16%. That means even if you painstakingly build an email list that boasts 1000 people, every promo blast may only give you 160 opens, and how many of those 160 people will actually take you up on the offer or event? May not be very effective.

Don’t delete that email list just yet, in a second post I am going to show you how to create a second custom audience of Facebook users using that very email list.

A very well crafted Newsfeed ad that is advertised to everyone on your custom audience is virtually guaranteed to be seen. Have 1000 people in your bucket? Great, spend a few dollars and that ad will be seen by them … a bunch of times! Plus you can target even further but grabbing your entire list, and then focusing even further down by age group, or music tastes, or male female, and so much more.

Absolutely use Facebook advertising in your marketing arsenal. Just posting the event to your page only goes so far (1-5% of your fans see the post, on average) so spend a few dollars ($1, $5, $10 a day can do wonders) and get in on the new wave of marketing.



1. From the Ad Manager, click on Audiences


2. On the top right side, click on Create Audience


3. Select Custom Audience


4. The Create Audience box comes up, select Custom Audience from your Website


5. The next box comes up explaining what the custom audience is used for, click on View Your Custom Audience Pixel


6. Go paste this piece of code between your website’s <head> </head>, and back here select Create Audience


7. After a while, users will be added to the list. It is updated daily with new Facebook profiles.
You can now come back and Create an Ad using this custom audience.





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