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The small social influencers might be the biggest.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn about personal branding, digital branding, and using social media to your advantage.  It’s all about increasing people’s awareness of you, whether that’s you as a DJ, an entertainer, a model, a club owner, a promoter, and any other type of proprietor out there.  Please keep sending in your questions so that I can keep you up to date with the information you need to know.

It hasn’t been long since I last talked about using influencers, but I wanted to share a quick story with you.  My wife has a food festival, and one of her followers on Twitter tagged in an influencer in the food space.  The person that she tagged in has 150,000 followers.  Just by chance, this very famous influencer happened to catch this tweet.  This person started to tweet about the festival and even showed up at it.  This brought lots of people to the festival. 

I just thought it was incredible how a regular buy diclofenac online uk person could have so much influence within the social landscape.  This Twitter follower of my wife’s only had about 100 followers herself.  She was excited about the event, however, and so she tagged in a celebrity.  People do this every day, but by sheer timing, this celebrity saw the tweet, but when he did, he took it and ran with it.  This is one good example of why you should always treat your customers and followers with the utmost respect.  You have no idea how their tweets could catch wind and actually make things extremely successful.

What you have to understand is that everyone is an influencer.  It doesn’t matter if they just have 100 followers, 50 followers, 150,000 followers, or a million followers.  It’s all about timing.  Pay really close attention to that. 

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