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This girl made $6million on YouTube without a record label deal.

The record labels passed on her back in 2007 and are now desperate to sign her.

Meet Lindsay Sterling (aka Lindsay Stomp), she is a YouTube superstar and built a majorĀ fan base on her own. According to Forbes, in 2015, she was one of YouTubes highest earningĀ stars. Her blend of violin/EDM/dubstep style brings a unique sound to a unique audience. As she tried to go the traditional route of getting signed to a record deal, they all passed. How could a record label possibly market a unique sound right? Well that mistake by label suits is now costing buy diclofenac in uk them lost revenue. Ever since, they’ve been desperate to sign Lindsay, to no avail.

After being turned down over and over again, she began posting her videos to YouTube (in 2007). She is doing quite well on her own, grossing upwards of $6million dollars through ads, direct music sales, appearances and more. Her story is a continued lesson for all musicians and artists around the world.

The system is being disrupted and those that have a vision, the talent, and a plan to execute their brand online can make it. Big time.

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