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Offer Free Wi-Fi for a Facebook Check-in? (great for bars + restaurants)

This week Facebook announced they were teaming up with Netgear (manufacturers of routers and modems etc…) to create a Facebook Check-In gateway for small businesses.

Netgear Retail Business Vice President of Product Management David Henry said in a release announcing Facebook Wi-Fi:

“Cafés, restaurants, bars, bookstores, barber shops, and other small businesses have been providing Wi-Fi to their clientele for several years. We’re adding the Facebook Wi-Fi login to our newest line of premium dual-band 802.11ac routers to encourage merchants to take better advantage of this benefit they’re already offering. They develop a stronger bond with customers and extend brand visibility with each check-in that appears in Facebook’s News Feed.”

How it works:
The business makes sure they have a compatible router (there are four that work with the system so far… more to come).
Sets up the router as a free wi-fi hotspot, but uses the Facebook gateway instead of just setting up a password for guests.

The customer comes to your venue, connects to wi-fi, and is prompted with a login screen.
However the popup asks the user to check-in to the venue via Facebook in order to access the internet. (instead of entering the Wi-Fi password).

Amazing idea to get free ‘check-in’ promotion for your business.
If the business wants they can also provide a password for those that don’t have Facebook or don’t want to check-in (for whatever reason). 

More info at Netgear’s website. click here


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