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Use These 4 Styles of Persuasion in your Social Media

There needs to be an objective when you are posting to social media. A rhyme or reason for the hours of work you put into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more. While the end goal will always be to get more traffic, more sales, more profit; the small wins are shown when nurturing your potential customer base and converting them into big fans of yours (regular spenders).

Learn these 4 different stages of influence so that you can use them to your advantage and persuade your audience to go from someone that has never heard of you to a raging fan.

Hey, Nice to Meet You!
This type of post (or ad) is created for those people that have never heard of you before. You target the right audience by age, music style, geographic location and interests but what creative works best to those that have never heard of you or have been to your establishment? Use a mix of emotion and fact to introduce your bar. Don’t hard sell whatsoever here you don’t want to scare away potential future customers.
Want To Check Us Out?
They have heard of you, now snag them. A timed offer that entices a potential customer to take action and actually check out your venue. Limited availability or one time offers work nicely. This is a hard sell post and persuades the person to take action. Things like ‘Happy Birthday click here to reserve a spot and get Free Champagne’ or ’Show this image at the door for Free Cover’ or ‘This is the band/DJ you’ve been waiting to see – and we have them’ etc. Trigger the sense of urgency part of the brain and get them in the door.
And That’s Why We Are So Awesome.
Why are you different can you buy diclofenac in germany from the other venues. People who have been to your place before understand, so keep reminding them. In this type of post you can blend facts and emotion simultaneously to illustrate your point that your bar is different from the other bars… and ‘this’ is why. Remind them of the unique customer experience that you offer. ‘Longest running night in town’, ‘over 1000 people come here to celebrate weekly’, ‘Voted number one by you’ ‘Best sound system in the city’ – that kind of thing.
Well Aren’t We Just A Perfect Fit.
For fans and regulars of the bar (I even suggest boosting the post to only fans, not outsiders) to solidify to them that they are ‘home’, you bar is their personal spot, they are a perfect fit for you and vice versa. This is purely an emotional play. People will pay premiums for their favorite spots, pay the doorman to get past the line, not think twice about drink prices, etc… when they are emotionally tied they are your true loyal fans. Remind them just how right they are with this style of post.
The more raging fans you can convert the easier your marketing becomes. They will be the ones sharing your posts, talking positively about their experience at your venue every week, constantly getting their friends to check you out.
Think about every pos and which part of the influence stage are you hitting. Then make sure it gets in front of the right people.