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Why people scan MY qr code and not yours!

OK, I didn’t mean to sound like an ass, but the truth is with the quickly growing use of QR codes in marketing, we seem to be plopping qr codes all over the place but forgetting some quick and easy tips that will give you a higher ‘scan ratio’. Well rest easy, here are my great tips for ultimate QR success.


Qr codes have been around for quite some time now, they were actually invented by Toyota in 1994 to track their cars through the manufacturing process. I am sure you (or your marketing team) has either used or presented the use of QR codes on your posters, flyers, materials. However there are some things that marketers seem to forget when using these quick scan codes.


1. Make the ‘WHY’ clear
I can’t even count the amount of times that I saw a QR code in the middle of a poster or corner of a flyer with no explanation or reason why I should scan it. Taking your phone out of your pocket, opening the QR app, scanning it, and then being taken to the default web page of a company is a lot of work for zero reward. Give them a reason why you want them to scan that code, and make it clear on your flyer. Are they getting a free appetizer, free ebook, registering for your seminar, etc? Tell them! ‘Scan here to instantly receive my recipe’ – you get the idea.


2. Build a specific landing page
On that point – develop a specific landing page. Like mentioned above,  you should have a specific reason why you want someone to scan your QR code, when they do you should have a personalized landing page. Don’t send them to your main website home page, create a specific page (mobile optimized is important as well). So if it is for ‘10% off’ a product send that QR code to the coupon page. If you want them to check out your Facebook page, don’t send them to your main Facebook landing page, create a special tab that they are sent to and give them something in return for their time.


3. Use the opportunity to generate a lead
The call to action is important on your landing page. Get a lead out of it. If you are giving away a free appetizer or ebook or ticket to your concert, get an email or Facebook like etc. This is a potential customer that has not only shown interest in your business (by reading your poster or flyer) but also took the time out to grab their smartphone and scan your QR code. Give them something in return but also grab their info!


4. Thank them!
Don’t forget to thank them on your page (yes I know you are already doing that by giving them a freebie) – but I also mean actually thanking them for scanning your QR code. ‘Thanks for scanning my QR code! Enter your email and here is your free stuff!’ Even though you are not face to face with a potential customer, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be thanking them for their business (and future business).


Just by implementing these quick tips you can increase your chances of success with the QR code, from initial scanning right to the sale/lead. Have fun with it.