Xbox ONE or PS4?

OK so both have announced their new hardware (coming out this year). SO the big question is, which one is better? Is there a better console? Is it personal preference?

Each of the them are not backward compatible (which means your old games cannot be played on the new console). So if you have a stack of PS3 games in your drawer and assume this is the easy way to make the decision… nope. Evens out the playing field here.

There have been rumours about the Xbox One having an always-on need. Meaning it needs to connect to their servers at least once a day to verify the user, the games buy diclofenac potassium uk that you bought, etc… which sounds like it could lead to a mess when you want to borrow games, buy or sell used games, etc… Microsoft is dancing around the details so we need to wait on this one to see how bad it could be.

Here are the specs.. fairly close:


And here is a cool promo video for the new graphics engine!


None the less, I can’t wait for either of these to come out! When I get a hold of each of them I will be sure to post some images, videos, etc for everyone.