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You May Lose That Facebook Account. Convert to a Page Now.

STOP! Don’t lose all of your hard work building that Facebook profile.

This week (March 12th onwards) FB is starting to clean up the platform which includes a two fold process.

1) Eliminating inactive or fake ‘Likes’ from your FB Page. If you went out and bought 10,000 likes from Fiverr or advertised on Facebook for likes but did not target the right audience (a nightclub in Las Vegas with 5000 likes from India?), you will notice your Like count drop significantly.

2) Deleting personal profiles that are used for any business purposes. I know many many many nightclub or bars that have created a ‘personal profile’ using their bar name. This allows you to add friends, invite them to events, and promote your clubs as if you are a real person. FB hates this and has slowly asked those profiles to convert to a FB Page the past few months. You may have already noticed DJs and others change their cool name to their real one. The name change was the start buy diclofenac nz (and ample time for people to save their profile) and at this point anyone that has not made that change may find out that they cannot login to their account anymore. The profile deleted without any further warning.

What to do!? Don’t worry all of the thousands of friends that you have collected along the way can be saved. FB does allow you to convert a personal profile into a page. This will bring the name over to a page and convert the friend to likes. Here is their official help page on it:

Facebook Pages are BY FAR the best way to do business on the platform. 10000% better than using a personal profile. With a page you still have posts show up in newsfeeds, but you can also create events, use the advertising platform, boost posts and so much more.

__ Want help converting your profile to a page? Need to know how to increase your customer base? Let’s connect for a call and I can show you.