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YouTube forcing you to watch ads. How do we win here?

YouTube is coming out with a 6-second video ad in May of 2016.  We all love to count down…5,4, 3, 2, 1…and skip ahead when an ad comes up on Youtube.  Well, these new 6-second ads aren’t skip-able.  This is a great thing for marketers because it forces people into watching ads, but for viewers it’s an interruption.  The beauty of that is that these ads are only 6 seconds long, and people are already used to waiting that 5 seconds for the ads to disappear anyway.

As a marketer, you need to really need to work on engaging your audience on YouTube.  Therefore, if you create a 6-second ad, you’ll want to fill it with content that people can actually enjoy.  That way, you may be interrupting them, but at least you are doing so with a little bit of entertainment.  Make that 6 seconds count so that people continue to think about you after they see your ad.  If you are really entertaining and engaging enough, they may click out, and that’s what you want anyway.

There have been times when I have seen a tweet or a Facebook to buy diclofenac post that got my attention, so I click on it and then I start to read the article and I’m really engaged, but then a pop-up appears asking for my email.  It makes me think, “I’ll give you my email later, but right now I’m in the middle of reading your article and you’re interrupting me.”  To me, there’s nothing worse than that, and I wish people would learn not to interrupt people with their marketing. 

On YouTube, there’s no doubt that the ads that appear are an interruption.  A person may be on their just to learn how to cook something, for example, and then your ad pops up and interrupts what they are doing.  So, why not at least make it up to them by providing something informative, funny, or entertaining?  That will help you to make that 6 seconds count more anyway and hopefully leave an impression that will cause them to want to look into your business a little further. 

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